Service List

Name Type
Deed of Assignment Ad Valorem
Memorandum of Understanding (Related to Ordinary agreements) Flat Rate
Memorandum and Articles of Association (Alteration of memo) Flat Rate
Share Increase Ad Valorem
Guarantor's Form ( For Loan Application) Flat Rate
Joint Venture Agreements Flat Rate
Debenture Ad Valorem
Power of Attorney (POA not relating to sales, conveyance, transfers of any landed property ) Flat Rate
Deed of Release/Surrender/Discharge Ad Valorem
Vending Agreement Ad Valorem
Appointment of Receiver Flat Rate
Share Transfer Non Chargeable
Deed of Gift Ad Valorem
Tenancy/Lease Ad Valorem
Loan Agreement Ad Valorem
Loan Agreement (as accompanying document to a mortgage/debenture) Flat Rate
Memorandum of Understanding (Related to Land, Sales, Joint Venture,. Surrender, Subdivision Agreements) Ad Valorem
Share Reduction Flat Rate
Bank Cheque Per Leaflet N1.00 per leaflet (Premium) Flat Rate
Oaths, Affidavit-Affirmation, Statutory Declaration, Agreement (Memo of Handwritten) Ordinary Flat Rate
Ordinary or Open Agreement Underhand Articles Flat Rate
Oath and other affiliates bodies relating to above Flat Rate
Will Flat Rate
Shipping Agreement Non Chargeable
Insurance Policy/Policies Ad Valorem
Certificate of Occupancy, Partnership Flat Rate
Bill of Sale Ad Valorem
Notaries Act Flat Rate
Documents from Ministries and Parastatals (Letter from Legal Adviser of the Ministry of Parastatals required) Non Chargeable
Sales Agreement Ad Valorem
Legal Mortgage Ad Valorem
Legal Mortgage (Upstamping) Ad Valorem
Power of Attorney - Revocable/not land related Flat Rate
Contract Agreement Ad Valorem
Surrender, Bills of Exchange Ad Valorem
Goodwill Debenture, Settlements Ad Valorem
Promissory Notes of Ordinary Documents/I.O.U Ad Valorem
Marketable Securities Ad Valorem
Bonds (Mortgage) Ad Valorem
Appointment of Trustee or of Attorney Flat Rate
New Company Registration (Government Organizations Only) Flat Rate
Discharge or Release Ad Valorem
Power of Attorney (Irrevocable/Land Related) Ad Valorem
Deeds of Conveyance or Transfer on Sale of Property Ad Valorem
Contract Notes Ad Valorem
Gift (Land) Ad Valorem
Appraisement or Valuation of Property Ad Valorem
Settlement of any Instrument Ad Valorem
Share Increase (Pre-Incorporation) Ad Valorem
Share Reduction (Pre-Incorporation) Ad Valorem
Share Transfer (Pre-Incorporation) Ad Valorem